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Una is based on the ideas of lambda calculus created by Alonzo Church in the middle of the 20th century.

It has only two basic operations:

  • Application
  • Abstraction

Everything else is build upon these two operations.

Functional programming#

Una is a functional language.
Its syntax is mostly inspired by LISP.

The essense of the functional programming can be represented as a simple pipeline:

Data -> Function -> Data


  • Data is immutable
  • Function is pure (always returns the same output for the same input)

JavaScript platform#

You should consider that Una is not standalone language.
The transpiler translates Una code to JavaScript and your code is executed by JavaScript interpretuer.

  • You can run Una on any platform that supports JavaScript
  • You can import JavaScript modules to Una
  • You can export Una modules to JavaScript
  • You can use almost any library from npm
  • You can create React and React Native applications using Una